How long does the distillation process take?

This varies based on the product that is being distilled and whether or not we’re doing the distilling on-site or sourcing raw distillate from elsewhere and then filtering, proofing, and flavoring for private label.

Whiskey, which we’re able to distill on-site, is a 3-step process. First, it goes into the mash tun with hot water for a day. Then we transfer it to the fermenters for 2-4 days. Finally, it spends a day in the copper still for the stripping run, and another day for the spirit run. Overall, the distillation process of whiskey takes about a week.

To see the contract distilling process for yourself, we encourage you to come take a tour of our facility so we can walk you through the detailed process.

How much does it cost to launch a new spirits brand?

Building a spirits brand is a significant investment. Luckily, when you partner with Bend Spirits, you’re working with expert consultants who help turn your investment into an award-winning product. From start to finish, you can expect to pay anywhere from $35,000 – $65,000 total costs. Your specific product, ingredients, and finished packaging materials will determine the full final price to start a spirits brand.

What can I expect to pay per bottle?

There are many factors to consider when calculating a final price per bottle. The most basic vodka could cost anywhere from $3-$6 a bottle. More expensive things, like whiskey and tequila, could cost anywhere from $4-$9 a bottle. The price breakdown is so broad because it is hard to determine time involved in production as well as cost of distillate.

What’s the minimum order?

We prefer to have a MOQ of 500 gallons of fluid, which is roughly 210 cases of 12 X 750mL bottles. This quantity will get you the best starting price and launch for your products as well. With that said, no quantity is too small or too large for us. Bend Spirits takes pride in working with our clients to make the most value of their time (and ours as well).

What if I need to scale up or scale down my contract distilling needs?

Change happens. Our goal is to help you navigate the most difficult part of becoming a spirits brand owner. And sometimes that means you need to make some changes. No big deal, we’ve got this!

What liquors can Bend Spirits distill?

Bend Spirits only has the means to distill whiskey at this time. But we have found great success in outsourcing vodka, tequila, whiskey, and other distillates to meet our clients’ needs.


Can Bend Spirits help me with infusions, liqueurs, ready-made cocktails, and custom spirits?

Bend Spirits is a sub-company of Bendistillery, and we specialize in natural, custom infusions. We are capable and have successfully bottled many naturally-infused vodkas, tequilas, liqueurs, ready-to-drink cocktails and several other custom creations. If you can think it, we will do our best to bottle it!

I already have a formula. Can Bend Spirits distill and bottle it for me?

Absolutely! We’ll just need to recreate your formula and make sure that ingredients are available for large production first.


I have a spirit ready for bottling, can Bend Spirits bottle it for me?

As long as you’re a legally licensed distillery with the TTB, then we can talk bottling. Sorry, we can’t bottle your bathtub gin or other self-distilled spirits for legality issues.


Can I work with Bend Spirits if I don’t live in Oregon?

Absolutely! We have clients all over the US and we can even ship internationally.

How long does it take to create a new spirit?

Making the spirit is the easy part. Putting together all the pieces for a new brand? Well, that takes time. While we do our best to work with your timeline, we can say from experience, we like to give our clients (and ourselves) 3-12 months to get everything in order. This timeline allows for delays in production or supply acquisition. It allows us to perfect your formula, and also allows time for paperwork to come back from the TTB before we start production or ship your final product.

What does your contract distilling process look like?

Give us a call and we can walk you through it! Every project is a little different, because no two spirit brands are the same.


Can Bend Spirits design a label for me?

Unfortunately, we do not have a design team at the moment. But we do have plenty of industry connections and can make recommendations for your brand.

Can Bend Spirits help with distribution once my spirit is bottled?

Our goal is to produce the product that you envisioned. Once the product is bottled, cased, and palletized our work ends and yours begins. We have contacts and resources that we are always happy to share with customers. We also have a logistics department, and can ship your product anywhere that you request. But we do not have the ability to store your cased/palletized product at our location to ship out as orders come in.

Will I retain intellectual property rights, even if I stop working with Bend Spirits?

Yes. This is your product. We would hate to see you go, but we know that sometimes this happens in the contract distilling business. Bend Spirits does not own your product, brand, and/or company. If you decide to part ways with us, we respectfully thank you for your business and the opportunity to be your partner. We will help you transition to a new distillery, if needed, to make things as easy as possible for you.