Why Choose Bend Spirits?


Professional Service and Knowledgeable Staff

Straightforward Pricing and “A La Carte” Production Options

High-Quality Ingredients and Superior Water Sources

Hand-Crafted Products and Attention to Detail

Ability to Scale Production As You Grow

Unique Infusions to Set You Apart From Your Competition

Low Minimum Order Quantities

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We Do Things by Hand Because it Makes a Difference.

Made With Care

Our entire bottling process is done by hand. Filling, labeling, corking, packing, and palatalizing is all done a few bottles at a time and every bottle is inspected along the way.

Award-Winning Premium Spirits

We Make Only The Highest Quality Spirits

We Make Spirits That Stand Out

We are America’s most award winning small-batch distillery. Whatever spirit you choose to make, we will make it an international contender.


We Grow With You

Low Minimum Orders, Big Capabilities

As your brand grows, we have the capabilities to produce bigger and bigger orders so you can keep up with demand.

Industry Knowledge

The Alcoholic Beverage Industry Can be Complex

Experts in Our Field

After over 20 years of experience we know the ins and outs of the industry so that your brand can hit the ground running.

A La Carte Menu

Make Your Product Stand Out.

Hang Tags, Hand-Signed Bottles

We offer an “a la carte” menu of production extras to add a personalized touch to every bottle of your product.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Working with Bend Spirits has been exceptionally smooth process, much like Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka. Bend is more than just our production facility, they are our partner and we appreciate the attention to detail that we receive. As our brand continues to grow, so does the relationship with Bend Spirits. We look forward to our continued expansion and are confident that as we grow, Bend Spirits will continue to deliver outstanding product and service.”
“Bend Spirits is an exceptional company. I have been very impressed with the level of service and quality they consistently deliver. More companies should operate like Bend Spirits!”
Dan Hachmeister, Owner, Hachmeister Beverage Group LLC
“Bend Spirits has been instrumental in the development of Venom Vodka. We contacted Jim after defining and trademarking our brand and discussed our business plan and market strategies. Jim offered valuable guidance and then set us up with his expert staff that advised and assisted us along the way from procuring supplies to final production of Venom Vodka. Jim and his staff at Bend Spirits made it clear that they believe that our success is their success and vise-versa. Besides Bend Spirits creating the best vodka on earth, they provided a business partnership that has proven reliable, expert and consistent.”
Mark Miceli, Venom Vodka
“In 2014 I was on my quest to start a business from ground up to make my Mama proud. I wanted to create something that nobody in the market could compete with. Something that I created out of my garage for 2 years to help fund, and finally something that everyone thought I should pursue based on the traction I received selling out of the trunk of my car.
I came across Bendistillery on a picture a friend sent to me on a tour of the location. It showed peppers being infused with Vodka, and my home brew consisted of peppers in Tequila. I was on the next flight to Bend from Los Angeles to formulate and create my brand.
The private label and R&D department at Bend Spirits helped on every aspect of this creation, and if it wasn’t for them my mom wouldn’t have the smile on her face she has today of her son creating a company and a unique hand crafted spirit that is in the market now!”

Sean Conley, Owner and Founder, Mama’s Boy Infusions
“Bendistillery and their Private Label Division made it possible for young college students like us to follow our dreams by building a liquor brand. Not only did they provide us with the ability, but they took us step by step from the start to getting our product on the shelves. To this day we still work with them, and I hope to continue working together for many years.”
Brody Montgomery, Founder and President, Brody's Spirits